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Sharkwind Kite Repair Kit and Valve Repair Product Kit

SharkWind - Kite Repair Kit

  • 1x 5.5”x6” Shark Multiuse Adhesive Rounded Corners Patch
    Perfect for large areas of tears and rips. Very flexible

  • 1x Valve Repair Kit (3pcs.)
    Full set to turn your old valve into a new solid valve

  • 1x Up to 3” Rounded hole Bladder / Nylon Canopy Repair
    To cover or fix a valve hole including random holes

  • 1x 2”x2” Square Adhesive Multiuse Patch Bladder / Nylon Canopy
    Transparent flexible patch for small damages

  • 1x 1” Flex Adhesive Rounded Pin Hole Patch Bladder / Nylon
    For small pin holes caused by grass, sticks and sand

  • 1x Zip Tie BLACK
    After fixing the valve, use a new zip tie for bladder junction

  • 2x Free Alcohol Pads
    Clean well before any repair


Video for the Valve Repair Kit (3pcs.)
* The video shows only one of the items in the package

SharkWind The Valve Repair Kit System

More videos from others patches included in the package will be available soon!
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SharkWind | The best in Kitesurf Wind Report

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SharkWind Kite / Valve Repair Kit - Easy Installation
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